All authors must agree to the policies stipulated below, in order to publish their paper in the IEEE Xplore. Papers, which are written according to the rules in, are prepared for the camera-ready with:

Camera-Ready paper templates are given below:

The Camera-Ready paper example in PDF: here.

IEEE Copyright Notice:
There has to be an appropriate copyright notice at the bottom of the first page of all submissions. Depending on the employers of the authors, the appropriate copyright notice is provided below. Please use the right one in your submission.

Papers should be IEEE-Compatible according to the IEEE PDF eXpress test, in order to publish IEEE Xplore. To do this:

Upload the PDF file (which is passed the test and downloaded to your computer) to OpenConf system. 

For all accepted papers, IEEE electronic Copyright Form has to be filled and submitted
through OPENCONF system using "Telif Hakkı Gönder " button, before the final paper checkhed and approved by 
the Pdf eXpress system.